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Best choice for the super bar!
Now, the popular mode is single 12” plus single 18” uniform distribution or line array hanging bar sound system. And our program is 2 to4 sets of Monster tower stacked which achieve the target that sound field is very good,
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Monster tower
Stacking with 2pcs double 12” Monster212 and 2pcs Monster121S. Monster tower at 15 meters away from the free space to reach 155dB instantaneous maximum sound pressure level.


Scientific acoustics design
Monster tower is two meters high after stacking. The bass wall make up of double 12” middle bass and double 21” ultra bass to surround the people. The high pitch horn of Monster tower is asymmetric horn design for middle near field that the upper vertical axis is 50°, the lower vertical axis is 90° and the horizontal angle is 70°. This particular design is a good solution to the coverage technology issues in near field and the far field which is the maximum guarantee of the sound field coverage.
Monster tower system use the bass is a single 21” unit, the output power is 2000W@4ohm and it’s effective low frequency limit for the amazing of 25Hz!
Please enjoy being surrounded by the Monster tower system from surging feeling!










Power Capacity 1400W AES/2800W Program 2000W AES/4000W Program
Nominal Impedance
Frequency Response 45-19000Hz 25-1000Hz
Manufacturing Consistency Tolerance ±10dB from 45 to 19000Hz ±10dB from 25 to 1000Hz
Sensitivity 100dB /W/m 98dB /W/m
Maximum SPL >139dB >137dB
Horizon 70°
Vertical up:50° down:90°
HF driver 2×1.4” driver, 2.56” voice coil
LF driver 2×12” Neodymium driver, 4” voice coil 1×21” driver, 6” voice coil
Connectors 2 x NEUTRIK® Speakon NL4(2+/2- input) 2 x NEUTRIK® Speakon NL4(1+/1- input, 2+/2- link)
Cabinet CNC made with tongue and grove assembly 18mm birch plywood CNC made with tongue and grove assembly 18mm birch plywood
Size 742 x 700 x 565 mm 742 x 790 x 595
Weight 35kg net 70kg net


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